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Film developing


Film Developing


Shooting with a film camera may be a new experience.

Film developing may be new to you. You are very welcome at Photo Barn.


We have had film developing as part of our skill set for more than 30 years.

From the hey day of film developing through to the exciting revival of film based photography, we have been in the forefront of providing quality film developing, printing and film scanning to the people of Burwood and all of Melbourne.


But of course, film developing is just the start. We provide professional quality printing and film scanning to give you the best possible results. 


Your colour negative film, once developed, can be printed, scanned to your choice of media, up loaded to our Photo Barn Dropbox or both scanned and printed.

All this usually within one hour.


Develop only 35mm film $8.00

Develop and scan 35mm film $18.95

Develop and print 24 exp. 35mm film $18.95

Develop, print and scan 24 exp. 35mm film $23.95

Develop and print 36 exp. 35mm film $21.95

Develop, print and scan 36 exp. 35mm film $26.95


Develop only 120 format film $11.95


Prints from 120 format films @ $1.50 per image. (The number of images will vary according to the format of your camera)


Scans from 120 format films will vary from $2.50 - $7.00 per image depending on your resolution requirements.


Black and White films are hand processed so take a bit longer.

We generally say to allow a week turn around.


Develop only 35mm $17.95

Develop only 120 format $19.95

Printing and scanning prices as above.


We also develop the old 126 and 110 format films. Prices as per 120 format.


If you have E6 slide films, you may like to experiment with cross processing (also known as Xpro) to achieve some unusual creative results. Prices as above.


(sorry, we are not able to process E6 films to slides)






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